Sunday, December 14, 2014

Car Insurance Agent In Concord NC Outlines Steps To Getting Your Automobile Corrected After An Accident

By Matthew Moore

Accidents occur, and when they do, it's vital to know which steps you should take to make certain your claim is handled correctly. The first thing that you should do if you find yourself bound up in an auto accident is to examine and make sure that no one involved in the situation is hurt. If you find that you or your passanger need medical help, call 911.

After checking for injuries, you should exchange insurance information with the other driver involved in the auto accident. You must be sure to get the other drivers name, phone number, and address. It's also important to get the other drivers vehichle year, model and make. Most importantly, always get the other drivers auto insurance carrier as well as their policy number.

The next step is to file a police report. Call local law enforecement as speedily as possible and always acquire a copy of the accident report. If you're unable to get a copy of the report at the scene, ask the attending officer for the report number and pick up a copy of the report at the court house.

The following step is to take out your mobile and take as many footage of the scene as possible. Make certain to document all vehichles concerned in the auto accident and take a picture of each autos license plate.

This information could be crucial in how your insurance claim is settled. The very next step in the procedure is to call your insurance firm. Make sure that you report any damages and let your agent know who the fault is a bit more than likely to get charged to.

Following the steps as outlined in the above article will help anyone who may be coping with an auto accident. Make efforts to contact your local Concord auto insurance agent to get additonal detailed info on the processess to follow should you find yourself involved in an auto accident. As usual, drive safe.

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