Sunday, December 7, 2014

the Webmater: Google's Ranking Factors in 2015: Latest Updates Expected

Google's Ranking Factors in 2015: Latest Updates Expected
--- If you already know the negative ranking factors, you should know the other ranking factors that should be completed to get ahead with your competitors. As of now... I can't provide the complete details with all the steps I have learned but here are some that that you may wanted to get it done before Google launches the next update.

 - You may want to take a look with your business citations from the directory listings from other webistes. You may want to fix them as soon as possible. Having a consistent structured citations from other websites, will give you at least 30 percent chance of getting high rankings from Google.

- Consider having a Google Business Page with a correlation with your business website. Google will value the authorization of your business website. It checks the ownership relationship with these accounts.

- The most important of all and you will only do it once from website, NAP in hCard / If you don't know what is NAP in hCard, you may want to check the Google's webmaster tools.

As of now these are just some of the initial steps that I am really sure about to get ahead with your competitors. I'll be posting some other steps that needs to be completed initially before Goolge launches its ranking factors in 2015.

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