Friday, December 5, 2014

Waterproof LED Bikinis Are Attention Grabbers Of Note

By Claudine Hodges

Glamorous ladies choice of swimwear is often the two-piece swimming costume known as the bikini. This revealing style of beach-wear originated in France in the 1940s. The name was derived from the Pacific Ocean island of Bikini Atoll where America had just begun nuclear weapons tests. It was popularized by screen sirens such as Ursula Andress and Brigitte Bardot during the 1960s. Today, there is a radical new addition to this swimwear range in the shape of waterproof LED bikinis.

Chic holiday-makers and trendy clubbers can wow their peers by attiring themselves in the world's first water-resistant, battery-powered bikini tops and bottoms. These quality, eye-catching items are part of a range of light-up bras and costumes. They are available online from the Twisted Glow company from Orlando, Florida.

Electric gear is a stimulating fashion advance. LED clothes and toys are an ideal way of brightening up your life in innovative style. Waterproof electrical swimsuits are perfect for a show-stealing appearance in discos, pool or foam parties, spas, music festivals, and naturally, on the strand. When the conditions are hot, you will be too in these select and stimulating new designs.

A light emitting diode (abbreviated to LED) is a 2-lead light source using semi-conductors. They manufacture photon energy. This electroluminescent light comes in many colours in accordance with the space inside the semiconductors. Advanced LEDs are miniature (one square millimetre or less) and capable of putting out extremely intense light in every colour of the rainbow.

Light emitting diodes are now more robust than incandescent lighting. They also have a longer life expectancy (typically reckoned to be from 25,000 to 100,000 hours), are faster switching, smaller and use less energy than conventional light bulbs. Today's high-powered LEDs have improved power output, are highly efficient and reliable and effectively dissipate the heat they produce.

The power in Twisted Glow's hand-made, illuminated swimsuits comes from two CR2032 V coin cells. Up to 8 hours of the waterproof costume's glowing in the dark properties can be fuelled by this pair of small batteries. This miniature battery-pack has very little weight and is remarkably unobtrusive, in addition to being effortlessly accessible.

These articles of underwater wear are equally at home on dry land. They add streaks of dazzling colour to fun nights out. Light-up bikini tops could be the ultimate fashion statement in the hip clubs on the party island of Ibiza. They might well be the best possible way to stand out in a crowd of EDM (electric dance music) fans who love to use glowsticks whilst getting their groove on. These unique, shining bikini tops turn the wearer into a gyrating personal light show.

The 2-piece swimming costume has always been seen as something "small and devastating" like an atomic bomb. These diminutive bathing costumes gained a huge boost in profile and popularity with the launch of "Miss World" style bikini contests in the 1950s. Anyone wearing one of Twisted Glow's waterproof bikinis would be sure to catch the judge's eye. This can result in you avoiding a situation where you do not get the attention your talent and points of view demand.

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