Monday, February 16, 2015

By Using Private Money Lenders Seattle Businesses Can Avoid Financing Nightmares

By Katina Brady

For almost ten years now, businesses have had to deal with the aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008. As a result of that crisis, new laws were passed making it more difficult for many borrowers to get the loans needed to meet their business needs. Many of them simply cannot meet the new requirements, with some even failing to qualify for small amounts of money. When Seattle, WA business owners find themselves in this situation, they can at least avail themselves of help from one of the private money lenders Seattle businesses rely on for unconventional financing.

This is especially true for real estate purchases designed for resale. Many of these brokers struggle to obtain the financing they need when they need it. Often times, they can be forced to watch as properties are sold to others while the bank goes through its lengthy approval process. Banks, required as they are to comport with federal regulations, simply are not equipped to make the type of rapid loans these real estate brokers need to ensure that they have the capital on hand to make deals quickly.

That's where private loans come into play. Because this type of lending is done outside of the typical bank structure, it is not subject to the same stringent loan requirements borrowers usually confront. The capital for the venture comes from individual investors or companies that have much more freedom to move money around at a pace that actually meets their clients' needs.

That doesn't mean that these companies escape the ordinary licensing requirements, of course. They must follow those laws and others that govern most lending firms. Their true freedom lies in their ability to avoid the regulations that tend to make underwriting most loans so difficult for the average loan officer. That's a tremendous relief for the borrowers they work with.

This loan source can help real estate brokers to bid on homes secure in the knowledge that the funding they need can be obtained when they need it. That easy availability of credit can dramatically increase their ability to close deals, and allow them to enjoy the discounts that some sellers offer when properties move quickly.

An added advantage is the fact that most investors never check credit. That makes the process much more inviting for new businesses without existing credit scores. It can also be a tremendous help for any brokers or other borrowers whose credit scores may have recently been lowered for any number of reasons.

Most loans of this nature do come with higher interest rates attached to them, but that is usually better than not having the loan at all. Moreover, since the real estate brokering business relies on quick access to case, meeting that need and obtaining occasional discounts on various deals usually more than makes up for any higher interest costs.

The bottom line for real estate brokers is clear: this type of private sourcing for finance needs can be an indispensable asset for anyone in the industry. With a vast array of benefits available, and very few drawbacks, the average brokerage business can dramatically increase its success by relying on this funding mechanism for its transactions.

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