Thursday, March 19, 2015

Useful Information On Church Financing

By Lelia Hall

A good number of churches across the globe belong to the community and they play a big part in provision of facilities. They act as a major venue for volunteering activities whereby most of them are used for counseling people on issues of drug and alcohol abuse, finance and debt, homelessness, parenting and health. Therefore, church financing is very important in improving the service provision hence making better facilities.

Important amenities such as catering and toilets have to present to ensure that the community remains integrated into the church as well as ease of access by the public. To avoid under using of the resources available, the above needs to be done in order to meet the necessities of this community.

Funding for churches help to enhance repair and alterations activities in order to rekindle the initial use of this property. Once the repair works are finished, the stakeholders can come together and solve their problems and spend some time together. The ability of a church to hold conferences is dependent on whether the necessary facilities such as catering are there.

There are two broad categories of funding namely; internal and external. For the internal one, it wholly relies in the commitment on the congregation to give and raise funds. A request for regular donations on a monthly basis can be run by the leaders which depends on peoples focus towards the goals. Members can also organize their own activities that they can do individually to raise funds such as singing and marathons.

Members can also do auctioning of promises which involves offering of services or skills that could be any activity such as babysitting and baking. The internet can be helpful when people come up with online giving systems which make use of slogans. This can be a way of getting the information out there and increase the funding circle.

Moreover, Offering of paid services to people such as ironing, cleaning, washing and cooking can help raise funds too. Members of the congregation selling their unwanted items with one member managing the sales on behalf of everyone can also be used. In some instances, disposing of a building that is owned by the community can be done. Sometimes members of a community could be having access to capital that they are willing to lend at very low or no interest at all.

For the external funding, grants are the most common although they have a lot of paper work. Giving organizations will demand to see substantial progress being made in terms of direct giving as this shows commitment to the project. Commercial funding is another source of giving where companies that may have interest in a particular element of your building they fund it.

The church can also organize events that will involve public members that must not be among the congregation in order to widen the net money to be collected. National lotteries can also be used although they are considered controversial hence the need to think it over together. A loan can be another source; it should not exceed a paying period of 25 years.

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