Monday, June 22, 2015

By Appointing A Public Adjuster Rochester MI Claimants Can Expect Speedy And Fair Results

By Freida Michael

Most people work very hard to build up a base of assets, savings and investments. Similarly, most people will never be able to replace those assets if they are lost or destroyed due to catastrophe or theft. The only way in which to make provision for such a situation is to purchase adequate insurance. Yet many people are disillusioned when the time comes to claim. Insurance companies, too, are often bamboozled by false or incorrect claims. Fortunately, with help from a public adjuster Rochester MI claimants and insurers can make sure that justice prevails.

One would think that insurance policies are straight forward and the claiming will be easy. This is most certainly not the case. Some claims can be very complicated and many insurance policies are littered with numerous terms and conditions, exceptions and definitions of terminology. This is one of the main reasons why both insurers and claimants often use professionals to assess the validity of a claim.

Professionals in this field are very highly regarded and their fees reflect this fact. They are actually the only professionals that can legally represent their clients in court without an attending attorney. They need vast experience before they are able to register and offer their professional services. In addition, they must enjoy an impeccable track record free of financial difficulties and criminal offences. Many have qualifications in surveying, finance, insurance law and even business management.

The majority of registered assessors will only handle claims related to the the loss of or damage to properties and the claims subsequent to that loss or damage. This type of claim is normally large and complicated and it is no wonder that insurers routine hire experts to review such claims. Claimants, too, hire experts to help them prepare the claim and to negotiate a settlement with the insurer.

One of the biggest causes of disputes between insurance companies and claimants is the fact that so many policy holders simply do not study the terms and conditions of their policies. They think that they are fully covered for all possible eventualities but this is often not the case. That is why it would be beneficial to hire an assessor to evaluate the policy.

When an assessor is hired to help manage a claim he will first study the terms and conditions of the policy. If the damage is not covered or if parts of the eventual losses are not included in the cover, he can do precious little about it. Only when he is satisfied that the claim is valid will he take on the case and enter into negotiations with the insurer on behalf of the claimant.

Claims of this nature very often include various secondary claims related to loss of income, an inability to honour contracts and even loss of goodwill. Preparing such claims requires immense skill, specialist knowledge in a variety of fields and meticulous preparation. Few property owners have the skills necessary to achieve a realistic and fair settlement.

It is a fact that insurance companies are forced to deal with fraudulent claims every day. It is also a fact that policy holders are often dissatisfied with the settlement offers made to them when they claim. By using an expert to mediate between the parties claims are often settled to the satisfaction of all concerned.

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