Friday, July 17, 2015

How To Get Church Financing

By Phyllis Schroeder

Some of the things that you often do for your church is to do some construction projects every now and then. There is this building that you have been trying to attach to the main house of worship that you have been planning on doing for the longest time that you have decided to finally start the work on. The problem is, it is going to need money. So, you will need to gather the necessary funds first.

Gathering the funds that you need may be a little tough to do on your own or with the help of the congregation alone. There are many instances when you may need to seek financial help beyond what you can gather from the rest of the ministry. For instance, you might want to consider getting a church financing especially for those instances when you are facing a project if considerable scale.

Make sure that you get your budget assessed first. There are a lot of things that you need to cover when it comes to projects like these, assessing how much you need is always a good way to ensure that when the time comes for you to have to find a lender to get you the money that you need, you are confident that you are able to borrow the right amount.

It might help if you will inform the rest of the congregation about the plans that you have to get this project done. You can do a fund raising for you can start a program where people will be able to extend their donations and what they are willing to spare off of their pockets to get the work done. This can help raise a substantial amount that might be most helpful in covering some of the expenses needed.

Aside from knowing how much you need, you have to consider your ability to pay back the loan. In the event that you have not raised enough from the donations, you will have to proceed with the loan. You want to know how much you can afford to pay for. Remember, you will need to pay the number son a monthly basis. Never borrow something that is way beyond your means to pay back to avoid financial complications later.

Know that in many cases, you will be able to borrow three times more than the actual annual income that the church is able to generate. Consider how much is the budget that you need this time and if there are other possible additional expenses that you may need to cover. Then, proceed with the specific figures that you think is most suitable for the koan that you are making.

Find out what are the requirements that you will need to cover as far as getting a loan goes. You will likely be required to produce certain documents and papers to support the application. Research on these processes ahead of time so you will not have a hard time getting everything set and ready and the approval will be faster as well.

Be sure to check out different banks that may be willing to provide you the loan that you want to take advantage of. Compare shop to asses the interest rates that you are likely going to be charged for. Also, consider their procedures so processing the loan later on will be easier for you to do.

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