Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Short Guide On How To Find Atlanta Hard Money Home Loans

By Tom G. Honeycutt

Trying to get a loan from banks is often challenging. Fortunately, there is a much easier way of getting the funds you need to invest in real estate. This option is to apply for hard money loans. Hard money is funding that investors can get from enterprises or private individual for buying a residential or commercial property.

The hard money loan approval requirements of different lenders vary. However, some requirements of these loans are similar. For instance, the value of a home determines the loan a borrower can qualify for. Lenders also charge a higher rate of interest and they do not usually ask for credit references or income verification. They also offer short term financing such as three months to three years. The following are guidelines on how to find Atlanta hard money home loans.

Finding people who offer Atlanta hard money loans is not difficult. There are various simple ways to find lenders. One way is to attend real estate events held in this city. In order to learn about these events, you can speak with real estate lawyers and agents, title insurance representatives and mortgage brokers.

Prospective borrowers can also find lenders by getting information from other investors. They can even search for houses for sale and communicate with the owners. Another option is to attend the meetings of real estate investment clubs. References can enable prospective borrowers to find good lenders. Searching for lenders over the internet is another viable option because most lenders have websites. Some of the information available at these sites includes the loans they provide, interest rates and requirements.

Once you find a lender, it is vital to look for the right home to finance because lenders will consider its value as collateral for your loan. Considering if the property is located in an acceptable neighborhood is important. Most lenders consider if a property is good and is situated in a good area.

As you apply for a loan, it is also essential to have an exit strategy. The lender will want to know that you have a plan to either sell or refinance the home before the term of the loan is up. Therefore, you should inform the lender how you plan to repay the loan.

You should also have the documents the lender requires. One document that lenders ask for is a Deed of Trust. Lenders may also ask for personal financial statements like past tax return forms and paychecks. They may also ask to see your credit report. Providing the lenders with the information they need can improve the chances of your loan application being approved.

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