Thursday, August 20, 2015

Learn About The Job Of A Bankruptcy Attorney

By Ruthie Livingston

Being in a position of not being able to afford financial responsibilities is called bankruptcy. Any bankruptcy attorney feels good during economic difficulties because of several reasons. Many people file for bankruptcy during economic hardships because there are no jobs and foreclosures remain on the rise. These problems caused by the condition of the economy translate into more clients for these attorneys.

The role of these lawyers is to assist their clients with court proceedings in order to either eliminate or reduce the debts they owe others. Clients represented may be individual citizens or corporations. Examples of clients are creditor committees, corporate or individual creditors, bankruptcy trustees, or individual or corporate debtors. Lawyers take time to gain a deep understanding of the case at hand before they can provide advice, file legal documents, or argue cases in court.

Besides a slight difference in courses taken, other aspects involved in becoming a bankruptcy lawyer remains the same for all categories of lawyers. The two major requirements are a bachelor degree and a law degree. Most law schools have similar courses for all types of attorneys during their first year. However, specialization begins after the first and in some cases the second year.

For aspirants, it is required that they specialize in bankruptcy-related courses like negotiations, creditor rights, and income taxation. It is more advantageous to have graduated from a well-recognized law school when applying for a job. Pursuing further education to attain a master degree is advisable but it does not fall among the requirements. Professional organizations exist in every country and one is advised to join them.

Graduating from law school opens the path to getting licensed. Every state has its own bar exam which one must take and pass for them to receive a license to practice. One is also admitted to the state bar upon passing the exam. Getting a job depends on many factors, which the one must fulfill. However, in general, prior work experience can be very important to some employers.

Working as an attorney who represents people who are bankrupt is an excruciatingly tiresome task. Lawyers have to work for long hours and take several meetings with clients. Most meetings happen in the evenings or weekends to avoid inconveniencing clients. Most attorneys work from Monday to Friday, while others may open partially on weekends. Sometimes they are called to work from weekends or holidays.

There are a few factors on which the work environment depends on. Offices, libraries, and homes are some of the environments in which a lawyer may work from when they are conducting research on a case or drafting motions. They also work in courtrooms when presenting and arguing motions. The job also involves a bit of field work. Attorneys may have to locate and question witnesses and other individuals in the field.

Lawyers have a decent salary that most people find enough to meet their needs. There are also many other ways that lawyers increase their income besides representing clients on cases. The law imposes a salary cap on how much lawyers can earn from a case to avoid manipulation of clients.

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