Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On Recovering From Factoring Debt

By Connor G. Schiffman

For successful debt collection, a definite plan is a must. One of the things you have to get right is invoicing. Do it efficiently and quickly. If you take long to give your debtors this document, the payments will be made after a long duration of time. Ensure you break down the product details, dates and costs. For factoring debt, ensure the details of the invoice are correct before you send it.

A statement should be prepared and send to the customer if he or she fails to pay on the date he or she promised to make the payments. The purpose of the document is to offer encouragement for the person to pay you. Also, you can send him or her letter outlining the services or good supplied and the time he or she was supposed to pay for them. Do not be rude in the letter.

If they do not respond, call them. Remind them of the debts and listen to what they have to say. In addition, any subsequent actions to be taken if the money is not remitted should be disclosed. Follow the telephone conversation with a letter outlining all that has been discussed during the call.

If the above means do not bear fruits, you should send the final letter reminding them of the debt and the actions to be taken if the money is not send to you promptly. It is tiresome to drag debtors to court to seek repayment but remember the law is on your side. However, seek legal counsel first before going to court.

Courts can be approached as a last result. You need to demonstrate to the judges that you have tried your best in arguing the person to pay you. Remember that you will get nothing even if you win the lawsuit if the court determines that you never tried to engage the debtor in repaying you.

To prevent encounters with bad debtors, evaluate the credibility of a person before giving them goods on credit. Also, be strict to those who take long to make the repayments if they come back requesting that you extend credit to them. To avoid high bad debts, limit the amount you give out in credit terms. To encourage people pay on time, you can decide to give financial incentives.

Write down the names of the bad debtors and do not extend credit to them. Remember that invoices cannot be used to pin the customer down in law courts because you write them after the deal has already been closed.

The stop list has to be updated regularly. The customers listed therein will have to pay in cash if they come to buy goods or services from your business company.

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