Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Information On Acquiring Church Financing

By William Mitchell

The church is certainly not a business but this does not imply that it does not need money for its operations to be run smoothly. There are certain things such as the equipment and the expansion of the premises among others that may need a lot of money. It is not easy to fulfill all these obligations if the institution is reliant on the collections they make. This usually is why church financing is important.

Since the minster is not a society that works for profit making reasons, it may be quite hard for them to show to a lender that they have ability to pay the loan in good time. This is the reason why access to the funds might be a bit difficult for most churches. This is some significant information that ministers can take into deliberation whenever they need funding.

Just like any other business organization, these churches are required to present the documents showing their financial situation before they can be offered a loan. These documents are required so that the financial institution can determine whether they have the ability to pay back the loans as will be agreed and basically just determine their credibility.

After they have presented their financial statements, they usually are analyzed critically by the lenders to determine the money they are able to qualify for. The lenders will later provide them with a list of different offers they can provide so that they can pick the one they feel is the most favorable. They will also be given the best repayment plan.

Loans can have either a positive or a negative impact on the financial state of the institution depending on how they are taken. There are certain mistakes that the management must avoid to make sure that they only mange to benefit from the loans and not lose instead. The following are some of the most common mistakes that many ministries make that lead them to financial trouble.

One common mistake that is always made by ministers is rushing to apply for the loan before the society is ready. Renting the grounds for prayer may seem very costly so the minster might choose to rush to get money for building one. Though this is a worthy decision, it must be made only when there is monetary capability so that difficulties can be evaded. They ought to be able to easily pay the loan.

Most ministers also make mistake of not finding the right employees. Since it is not a trading organization, they may think that there is really no need to use up their resources on hiring a good bookkeeper who will ensure all the money are well handled. Some churches take a person from the churchgoers to assume this responsibility instead of hiring an expert therefore leading to poor managing of funds.

In summary, the managers of churches must make sure they treat it like a business in the sense that they handle every financial aspect like a normal business would be handled. They must conduct regular audits that will keep track of how the church funds are being utilized and also prevent any cases of embezzlement from happening.

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