Saturday, October 22, 2016

SBA Loans Help Businesses Get Ahead

By George Hall

Almost everyone has a dream to be their own boss someday and may have the qualifications, along with the will, to do so. If their product is marketable, they may even succeed at running their own company. However, the startup funds may be lacking or there may not yet be any money set aside but there is hope. Even if a person has average credit, they may qualify for SBA loans that can help make their dreams come true.

While a bank loan may be the way to go for some, this funding source is targeted to those that are applying for their first loan. If their personal credit is decent, they may qualify for a loan with a lower interest rates than what a bank or private lender may offer. The Small Business Association also has a good number of educational materials that can be viewed at no cost.

While some people may feel this is unnecessary, it is usually best to start a business with a clean slate. Though some people feel that it can work the other way around, having accessible funds in the early stages can make a small business stronger. This is in terms of building alliances, establishing credit, and the ability to keep up with growth.

Learning how to manage money is probably one of the greatest hurdles people face when making the transition from a regular working person to someone running a legitimate company. As the business should viewed as something to be nurtured, so it can grow and have real value. This is the way that people see investing, even when they just have a little money involved.

Often people underestimate how much money they should save from a job, or other income, to put towards startup costs. Assuming things go well, a business may find themselves having to fill an order that is larger than normal, or make another move that requires money in reserve to execute. Then again, there are matters such as equipment being faulty or needing quick cash during slow periods.

Besides low interest loans, Small Business Association also has grants for select candidates. These are few but since the money requires no repayment, this can be an additional boost to startup funds. Sometimes the qualifying factors are based on certain demographics. Most offices or the website will have more information about these programs.

Having a financial cushion is nice, even if the amount is small. The best route to go is basic when it comes to buying equipment and supplies. Instead of leasing a storefront, it may be best to go with temporary spaces, in addition to a website that is set up to take sales transaction. This varies from one business to another but if needed, a counselor may discuss options for reducing operating costs or overhead.

The application process itself can teach new business owners about funding and related matters. Even veterans that have hit a rough patch may find relief with the many resources offered. Articles, videos, and other online content can be accessed at any time and the information is accurate. Once the loan is paid off, it becomes easier for the entrepreneur to apply for more funding in the future.

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