Saturday, November 26, 2016

Some Useful Information About Bailbonds

By Roger McDonald

When one is suspected of a crime and is arrested, he or she will be taken into custody by the police for questioning or anything of the sort. The regular process of having his mug shot taken, taking his fingerprint as well as his statement will be undergone by the accused. After which, he or she will be placed in jail while waiting for the trial.

A bail however will be arranged by an individual in order for the accused to be set free from prison. Bailbonds Grand Rapids is a bail that is granted by an agency or another person who makes a deal with the court so the defendant will be freed while he awaits court trial. This is exchange for cash or other property of high value that may serve as collateral.

The organization or individual who posted the amount will then assure the authorities that the person he bailed for will show himself in court on the day the hearing is scheduled. In the even that he does not reveal himself, a bounty hunter shall be hired to hunt the person. There are several kinds of bondsmen who serve different purposes.

The General Bail Bondsman is the most common type and is also called the surety bail bondsman and is licensed by the state government. They are responsible for providing for those who are accused of many different crimes such as driving citations or murders. They are permitted to ask for percentage from the amount as their fee for issuing the bond, but this depends on the state and their laws.

These people ensure that the defendant deserves to be granted freedom or issued such service. They do this security by asking for high value collateral like real estate or property so the person will not think of fleeing and shows up on court on the day he is needed. Most of the time, they allow a person to sign as witness that the individual agreed to appear in court.

Federal bondsmen are in charge of posting bail for those who commit federal crimes, for instance, counterfeiting or tax evasion. They not only make certain that the person shows up on the day of the court hearing but would require him to undergo the pre trial process as well such as drug tests. There is a big chance that the bail shall be taken back or forfeited once the defendant fails to comply with the procedures.

There are not many who provide this kind because of the fact the individual may fail in the pretrial process. This is why they also secure a sort of collateral. Most who engage in this stuff are those who have wide knowledge regarding federal court systems and state laws.

Immigration bondsmen are those who issue fines for immigrants that are detained in immigration facilities. This would imply that people detained are not from the same state they were caught or are of different nationalities, like immigrants. There are not too many people who do immigration bonding.

This is because such people, immigrants, are more probable to run away instead of facing deportation or imprisonment. That is why many people who venture into this kind of business make sure that they get very high value collateral. This allows them to decrease financial risks.

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