Saturday, December 17, 2016

Grand Haven Bail Bonds Can Help To Secure Release From Custody

By Peter Butler

Very few experiences are as stressful as being arrested. Yet numerous upstanding citizens find themselves in this situation every year. People make mistakes. They drink and drive, they withhold taxes and they take unnecessary chances. Whatever the reason for being arrested, it is vitally important to obtain help from a criminal defence attorney straight away. The attorney will, amongst other things, make sure than Grand Haven bail bonds are made available if they are needed.

It is the constitutional right of every accused to be considered for release until the date his case will be heard in court. To this end a hearing will be held soon after the arrest. Unless the prosecutor raise valid reasons why the accused should not be released, most accused are allowed to go home after paying an amount set by the court to act as security. This amount must be paid in cash.

The amount to be paid as security must be paid before the accused is released. If he does not have the cash and is unable to raise it from friends or family, he may be forced to approach a bondsman. Bondsmen specialize in providing loans for the specific purpose of paying the security required for release. Once the loan is approved, the bondsman will pay on behalf of the accused.

In order to qualify for a loan from a bondsman the accused must have assets that will cover the amount involved. If he does not have assets or if he cannot get someone to underwrite the loan he will have to remain in custody until he can raise the necessary amount. If the loan is approved, the security will be paid immediately after signing a legal agreement with the bondsman.

It is understandable that accused simply want to go home and this is why so many loan applicants sign contracts with bondsmen without even reading the terms and conditions of the contract. He best course of action is to ask the attorney to handle the matter. They have experience in these matters and they often know which bondsman is the most reliable and reasonable.

Failing to strictly adhere to the conditions contained in the contract with the bondsman can lead to serious trouble. The bondsman may attach the assets that secured the loan and sell them on open auction. The accused and his family can find themselves financially ruined. Some bondsmen are notorious for never allowing the slightest deviation from the terms of the contract. Honouring the contract meticulously is therefore of paramount importance.

If the defendant fail to appear in court the bondsman can be appointed as bounty hunter. His task is then to locate the accused and to bring him before the court. This can be an expensive exercise and the accused will be held responsible for the cost. In addition, the accused will forfeit his security and he will most probably be kept in custody until his trial date.

Bondsmen have many critics. They do offer a useful service, however. Without them, thousands of accused that cannot raise the necessary money will have to languish in jail. Their families may suffer without the income they used to earn.

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