Friday, December 9, 2016

Why You Might Consider Deciding To Move To Victoria

By Marc McMahon

One of the cities with the fastest growth in all of North America is Victoria, BC. There are many features about this city that attract people of all ages, from students to tourists and families to those seeking a comfortable retirement. There are several things about this city that could be considered reasons to relocate to Victoria.

Age is not really a common factor among those relocating to Victoria. The city features Old World charms and a modern lifestyle. There are two universities and a community college that attract more than 20000 students to the city. Courses are available in several disciplines from the building trades to high tech. The universities place a great deal of emphasis on research while the community college teaches students the skills needed to enter the skilled labor force.

Buying a home in Victoria can be expensive for some, but there a is a great deal of value offered to those who invest in homes here. The mean cost of a home in Victoria is $500.000 plus. In some nearby communities, the cost of homes is about half that. There are several golf course communities and gated secure communities. Several facilities exist that are dedicated to the care of older citizens and those who seek an active retirement lifestyle.

Victoria is a popular retirement destination. The climate is one reason. Temperatures stay in a comfortable range all year long. In addition, the city is surrounded by geographic features that create a rain shadow effect. This means that it rains far fewer days in the city than is normal in the Pacific northwest region. Rainfall notwithstanding, the city is situated on an island and offers residents a full range of fishing and boating opportunities.

Healthcare should not be a major concern for those considering retiring to Victoria. The city is served by six hospitals and no less than fourteen walk-in clinics. Care is provided by 500 doctors. There is a state-of-the-art oncology clinic available as well. All care is managed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and covered by the state of British Columbia comprehensive medical services plan.

A combination of diverse industries drives the economy in the area. The city sees a brisk tourism and education brings a number of students into the area. The industrial sector includes both marine and construction firms. In addition to these, real estate brings millions of dollars into the region each year.

Those who are interested in a variety of foods will be pleased to learn that Victoria is home to the largest number of restaurants in Canada per capita. San Francisco is the only city in North America with more. While fish and other seafood are prominent, Cuisine from many different areas of the world is available.

Crime is not a major concern in the region. This is because the crime rate is among the lowest in the country. Residents can walk down the street after dark with little or no fear, which is a factor that is found attractive by a large percentage of people considering whether or not to move to Victoria. It is also a special condition in the world today.

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