Friday, January 20, 2017

Finding The Right Agency To Assist With Bail Bonds Grand Rapids

By Brian Kennedy

If you are a fan of legal dramas or books, then you ought to have come across the concept of bailing someone out. In a nutshell, these get issued to a defendant who is yet to get in front of a judge. That is done to pave the way for further investigations to prove the claims made by the prosecution. Without a doubt, it is the right of the defendant to assert their innocence until the verdict gets done. Here are some useful pointers to ensure you go about securing bail bonds Grand Rapids in the right way.

Approach a registered bond agent to get the ball rolling. Provide them with all the relevant details about your case. Be honest at all times as this helps them to make a stronger defense to present to the judges. The agent will inform you of the rules and the conditions surrounding the release papers. There are consequences for failing to keep your word and honor with the pledges agreed upon.

The terms associated with a bond are straightforward. The person is informed on the jurisdiction within which the bail holds. In other words, they are restricted from maybe going out of the state until their cases get determined. Failure to adhere to the set terms results in a warrant for arrest being issued. You risk a lengthier jail term as well.

One starts off by paying a given fraction of the set amount. The percentage normally ranges from ten percent. What happens is that if you fail to appear in court when the bond matures, the ten percent is taken by the government. Additionally, you pay the remaining ninety percent of the total amount previously set by the presiding judge for your bail hearing.

A judge sets the bail amount. The presiding judge takes some factors into consideration when setting that value. Factors like the severity of the case. Individuals who have committed murders are most likely going to be denied a bail. Folks who have a misdemeanor charge are considered. The flight factor is another concern. Some people are very liable to flee if released and as such, they ought not to be given the leeway.

A resident judge conducts a bond hearing. It can be the judge who has been tasked with handling your case or it might be a different professional altogether. What matters, is not the person handling the proceedings, rather it is usually the circumstances surrounding your particular case. Your prior criminal records influence their decisions heavily. People of impeccable character have no problem getting released.

An innocent person feels no pain whatsoever in paying the bond. They know that once the ruling gets done they shall be declared innocent and then the money will come back to their pockets. The amount you get back after an acquittal sometimes differs slightly with the amount you placed. The difference is accounted for by the taxation and the transaction fees associated with the monetary transaction.

It is possible for you to learn a lot of vital information on this particular topic online. There exists a vast number of excellent resource hubs you could choose to learn from. Just Google something generic and get started today. Hiring a lawyer is a prudent move in the right direction. The move ensures you stay fully informed on every decision you choose to take as a defendant seeking a bond.

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