Monday, January 16, 2017

The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of The Small Business Loans

By Jose Nelson

All businesses will need some certain amount of money as start ups. Thus, the entrepreneurs will need to work out to be able to get an access to having sufficient funds. So the first option for them is the bank. Banks in Boca Raton are considered as the most commonly approached when talking about funds and this is done through loans.

However, the processes involved in loaning from bank may not be that easy, especially for a small business to be financed. Loaning would include qualifying the given pre requisites which is required. Many applications have already been rejected and avoiding these rejections can be difficult. Tough regulations have been implemented in most banks, considering these as phenomenal for approving small business loans Boca Raton.

The advantages. Accessible and convenient. Banks are accessible because they are being used regularly for withdrawing and depositing savings. Being convenient for old customers is an advantage as well because personalized services can be done. Multiple options. Different schemes are offered to entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. The options would include standard businesses loans, term loans, etc.

Not sharing the profits. Venture capitalists and also angel investors may agree to give the loan, but this is in exchange with part ownership. This means that they have their rights in making decisions and sharing with the profits. But for banks, this agreement is not being offered. Partial payment of installment and getting the interests are their only interest.

Low interest rates. Though getting these can be tough, lower rates will still be provided by banks unlike other lending agencies or instruments including credit cards. Tax benefits are being offered. A lot of small businesses are enjoying to have relief from paying taxes since the percentage of profit for loan repayment is exempted for tax.

The disadvantages. Long application processes. A bank will need to conduct some further investigations and verification for all details and other credentials of a business before a loan will be sanctioned. So therefore, the application process would take longer and as well the review process. Cumbersome. Detailing may sometimes becomes unmanageable for banks and unnecessary for entrepreneurs.

Preferences are given to existing businesses. Running businesses are mostly preferred by most banks because they can be able to gauge the credit history and the profitability before a loan is sanctioned. Qualification of pre requisites. Before clearing, businesses are required to undergo a lot of prerequisites and conditions. These may sometimes be difficult to meet.

Risks of losing collateral. Loans from bank are generally sanctioned for a collateral. This collateral is either the house of the entrepreneur or any owned property. With this, there is a great possibility for a business to fail.

Entire amount may not be granted. A bank may possibly not grant or agree on giving the whole amount being requested as loan. Usually, only 70 percent or 80 percent will be granted. With this, an entrepreneur will have a difficulty to begin because he or she still needs to look for additional funds from other agencies. So in conclusion, the balance of these pros and cons have prompted the people to still approach the bank.

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