Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tips For Finding Top Atlanta Hard Money Lenders

By Tom G. Honeycutt

Hard money loans are quite popular in this day and age. Normally, the process involved in securing a loan has less bureaucracy involved and this means that one is guaranteed of a quicker turnaround time. This remains one of the key reasons that have made this option highly preferred over using conventional bank financing. Finding the answers to a few basic questions could go a long way in enabling you to find the best Atlanta hard money lenders.

You could get a hard money loan to purchase residential properties, commercial properties and even multi-unit dwellings. What you must understand is that financing can only be secured when dealing with assets that are not involved with other unsettled loans. The majorities of lenders will reject such deals because they often tag along more regulations.

The issue of interest rates is one that must not be overlooked during your investigations. It takes making very keen calculations for you to understand the specifics of various loans and choose something that perfectly fits you. Take note of the fact that the values of a lender as well as the personal circumstances of the debtor may all play a role in determining the interest rates on a particular loan.

There is always an importance in ascertaining that your credit score is at its best. If it is, then you stand to enjoy interest rates that range anywhere between ten and fifteen percent. These rates may drop further if your lender agrees for them to apply only when payoff begins. Shop around and acquaint yourself with the options you have.

How long you would have to settle a loan is an aspect that matters a lot. Think about your project needs and ensure that you would have adequate time to diligently meet the end of your bargain. Most loans can be paid between six months and three years. Longer periods often attract higher interest rates.

There are certain requirements that must be met in order for a loan to be processed. Again, the requirements in place will normally vary from lender to lender. In most cases, one will be required to provide a title policy, appraisal of the property involved and insurance. The borrower would also need to provide a personal guarantee by signing certain promissory notes.

There is a plethora of aspects that need to be considered carefully before any prime decisions are made. Consider how transparent a company is with its dealings and even affirm that it has the required credentials. Then again, ensure that you can get the precise kind of loan that matches your needs.

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