Friday, May 19, 2017

With Bailbonds Grand Rapids Accused Can Continue Normal Life

By Janet Phillips

There are more people arrested each year than most people would ever suspect. It is not only hardened criminals that fall foul of the law. Most of those arrested for a crime are normal people that acted without thinking, such as driving after drinking. Luckily, with bailbonds Grand Rapids accused are routinely freed to continue with their normal lives until their trials occur.

An arrest is a very serious issue. It means that the arresting officers have good reason to believe that the individual concerned have committed a crime. An arrest may lead to a public trial, punishment, embarrassment and ruined careers. The legal system is complicated and no accused should even think of representing himself. The only route is to hire a lawyer without delay.

It is common practice to release those arrested to go on with their lives until their cases are brought before a court of law. This is only done, however, if the court is satisfied that the accused will adhere to the conditions of bail. This normally include a requirement to report to a police station regularly and to refrain from interfering with the case in any way. In addition, the accused will have to pay a surety before he can be released.

If the accused cannot pay the required security, he can approach a bail bondsman. Bondsmen are professional financiers that focus upon providing loans for accused that has to pay bail. They normally ply their trade in and around the courts. In most cases such loans can be finalized very quickly and the accused will be freed within hours of his arrest.

Those in the business of providing loans to pay bail are not in it for charity. They are businessmen and they expect to make profits. Most bondsmen charge a service fee of more than a tenth of the amount they make available to the client. This fee is not refundable. The client will be expected to enter into a written agreement and they will have to put up assets to secure the loan.

The agreement that the accused have to sign is a legally binding document. Unfortunately, most accused are so stressed at that time that they fail to read all the terms and conditions of that agreement. The fact is that they stand to suffer severe penalties if they break any of those terms or conditions. In such cases it is definitely better to ask the appointed attorney to handle matters.

The bail money is not lost forever. It is returned to the accused after his case is finalized. However, if he does not adhere to the conditions of bail he will be arrested anew and face additional charges. He will also lose the money he posted as bail originally. It is truly foolish to break the conditions of bail. The potential repercussions are simply too severe.

Those who say that all accused should be incarcerated fail to consider the fact that all accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Bail allows ordinary people to continue to care for their families and to pursue their careers. These accused do not pose a threat to themselves or to society and the simply must be given the benefit of the doubt.

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