Saturday, June 17, 2017

By Applying For Bail Bonds Grand Rapids Accused Can Raise Cash Quickly

By Harold King

It is not only career criminals and those that committed serious offences that are arrested. In fact, thousands of arrests are made each year and most of those are normal people that live normal lives. People make errors of judgement, however, putting them on the wrong side of the law. They drive when they are incapacitated, they act in a violent manner when provoked or they take foolish chances. Thankfully, by applying for bail bonds Grand Rapids accused can be released again.

Before making an arrest, police officers have to be very sure that the suspect has indeed committed a criminal offence. An arrest is therefore a very serious matter. When arrested, it is of vital importance to get professional legal help immediately. As soon as he takes on the case, the attorney will make sure that the arrest was indeed legal and that the correct procedures have been followed. His next priority will be to make arrangements for the release of his client.

Most accused will be released after an arrest. They will have to post a cash amount to serve as surety however, that they will stick to the conditions of release as stipulated by the court. The accused may not meddle in the investigation and often he is also restricted from travelling abroad or to other states. If the courts are not sure that the accused will adhere to these conditions, they can refuse bail.

The accused will only be released once he has paid a cash amount set by the court. This serves as a surety that he will keep to the conditions explained to him. If he does not have the cash available, he can approach a bondsman to obtain an instant cash loan. Bondsmen specialize in this type of loan and they can normally process applications very quickly.

The services of bondsmen come at a very steep price. They charge a minimum of ten percent of the loan amount as a service fee but this percentage can be much higher if the risk is deemed to be greater. The client will have to enter into a written legal agreement with the bondsman and commit his assets to serve as surety against the loan amount.

It is only natural that so many accused sign agreements with bondsmen without reading or questioning the terms and conditions. They are stressed and just want to get the entire awful experience behind them. In this way it is easy to enter into an agreement that can turn out to be very difficult to honour. That is why it is best to leave negotiations with the bondsman in the hands of the attorney.

It would be extremely foolish to dishonour the terms of conditions of the agreement with the bondsman or the release conditions set by the court. In such cases the suspect will be arrested again and he may face extra criminal charges. He will forfeit the bail previously posted and he will not easily be granted freedom again. The only route is to stick to the rules.

There are those that vehemently oppose the system of bail. They say that the courts are releasing known criminals and that this poses a danger to society. The facts are very simple, however. It is a constitutional right to be seen as innocent until such time that a court finds an accused guilty of a crime.

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