Thursday, July 27, 2017

When Qualifying For Bail Bonds Grand Rapids Detainees May Be Released

By James Hughes

The vast majority of people never even contemplate the idea that they may one day be arrested. It is nevertheless also true that many thousands of people take chances. They drive when they are under the influence, they get involved in violent incidents and they make very poor decisions. Many of these people will find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Luckily, with bail bonds Grand Rapids detainees can go free until the court can hear there cases.

No arrest or criminal charge should ever be viewed in any way other than as a very serious matter that can cause hardship for years to come. When arrested, it is therefore imperative to appoint an experienced attorney that specialize in criminal law. This should be done immediately. The attorney will establish the facts of the case and immediately take steps to secure the release of his client.

Releasing an accused person is common practice, but it is not automatically granted. The court must be satisfied that the accused will not meddle in the investigation, that he does not pose a danger to himself or society and that he will honour all the other conditions specified by the court. The court will also set an amount that must be paid in cash before the accused is released.

If an accused does not have access to enough cash to pay his surety, he can approach a bondsman. Bondsmen specialize in providing instant loans to those that must pay their bail. The process is quick and efficient and the accused is normally released within an hour or two. The bondsman will require collateral for the loan and the client will have to sign a written agreement.

Bondsmen are profit driven and they charge fees of up to fifteen percent of the total loan amount. This fee is not refundable and is normally paid back in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement between the accused and the bondsman. If these terms are not honoured the accused may loose the assets he pledged as security. The amount posted as surety will be returned to the accused once the case is finalized.

Most bondsmen are honest and fair, but it is only natural to hear that some are unscrupulous. Sadly, most clients do not read the terms and conditions of their contract with the bondsman and suffer the consequences at a later stage. People sign these type of agreements when in an unstable emotional state. That is why it is best to ask the attorney to handle all dealings regarding the loan.

It would be very foolish to breach any condition of bail. Not only will the accused lose the money he posted as surety, but he will be arrested again and even face additional criminal charges. He may even end up in a detention centre until his case appears in front of the court.. To add to his misery, his original contract with the bondsman will remain valid and legal.

Critics of the system often forget that everyone has the inalienable right to be regarded as innocent until a court proves him guilty. That is why the bail system is in place. Keeping every accused locked up will be a serious breach of their basic rights.

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