Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Things To Consider When Choosing A Bail Bonds Company

By Barbara Graham

Bail is property or money that is deposited or pledged to court for securing the release of a suspect from jail or custody. This would be kept while trial is still ongoing and it will be returned if the defendant appeared on all his schedules. But if ever he failed to do so then this is going to be forfeited and he may be charged with failing to appear.

Some states have persons, corporations or agencies that pay this amount in behalf of the defendant and charges them for this service. You can get bail bonds Holland, which are not legal in other countries except the Philippines. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing a company that offers this service.

Find one offering the best deal regarding the service fees with the location and what the company has decided as factor of their prices. Most companies charge ten percent out of the bail plus an additional payment for extra assistance such as gas, phone calls and mileage. Others have fixed fees though which is fifteen percent and one hundred dollars as minimum.

Defense attorneys work with companies such as these usually and can recommend one to you which they experienced good things with. Doing this would probably reduce the price to eight percent and will save you money. It is essential to have an attorney for the trials so first, get one and then ask for referrals.

Waiting for the arraignment hearing to be done before posting bail would be better because your attorney can try negotiating to have it lowered by the judge. Sometimes judges will decide to release defendants in his recognizance so any payment is unnecessary. But if not then your lawyer as well as your loved ones can convince your judge that lowering the amount will not hurt.

Be friendly with detention officers or let your lawyer be friendly with them because these people also deal with companies and could refer you to a good one. They could even suggest to have your bail amount lowered and help you in leaving awkward situations. Having them as friends is advantageous when you need help during the court procedure.

Be careful when you hear other companies that offer lower fees up to five percent which might be a great deal and the best choice for you. But they probably do not have the experience necessary for handling these situations unlike other reputable ones. They may also be deceiving clients with false advertising and are probably breaking the law.

When choosing the right company, employing an agency should be considered because your case will be handled and your information kept confidential by them. They assist on posting bail faster with less hassle and are known by court clerks and attorneys well. You can easily contact them while smaller companies are hard to reach.

Before a decision is made, find online reviews about these companies to read what others are thinking. You may even read negative ones about them which helps you know who to avoid. These are great source of recommendations because the reviewers had also experienced what you are now experiencing.

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