Monday, December 19, 2016

Information About Bail Bonds Allegan Proceedings

By Michelle Hamilton

Accusations are inevitable, and there are instances when you will be accused unlawfully. These accusations are brought before a judge whose work is to perform a thorough assessment and understand all the evidence brought before the court. Lawfully, you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, a judge will grant you a bail bond that will keep you away from the jail during the court proceedings. This amount of money that you pay becomes a guarantee that your presence shall be available always whenever there is an ongoing case in the court concerning you. Below are facts to note about bail bonds Allegan proceedings.

Initially, the preceding judge would acquire and gather all the relevant information presented to you in the proceedings. The purpose of gathering your information is to discern whether you deserve a bail or not. Therefore, the judge will be concerned even about your financial capabilities. There are instances where the accused may lack financial capabilities and deserves the bond. Well, a friend or another person close to the defendant will come up and pay the amount for the accused. Before this can be done, the judge will also gather info about the financial whereabouts of the friend.

Normally, the person that stands to cover the bailing given to the defendant is known as a surety. Both the surety and the defendant are required to be keen and gather information about their responsibilities. The responsibilities are to be followed especially by the defendant. That is why; the surety must be convicted about the defendant before paying the bond for them. Once the demands and the responsibilities are overlooked, the bail shall be revoked.

There is an issuance of a receipt that the surety or the defendant receives. The receipt is official and shall be used to collect the refund after the court proceedings are over. The imperative thing is to keep the receipt safe and somewhere easy to retrieve. Make sure to give a copy to the other involved parties on your side.

There are multiple types of paying the bonds required. The most common one is known as the cash bail where the surety or the defendant pays the amount required by cash. Checks and money orders are other types that are accepted by the court. If one does not have the financial capabilities, they will be required to use their asset.

A signature bond can be granted by the court here the defendant is required to sign some court papers. These court papers contain some key terms and conditions that the defendant must understand. Proper understanding will lead to proper following and application. Violation of the terms and conditions will bring about the termination of the bail.

If the accused decides to use an asset for the clearing of the bail, the judge will request for all the legal documents of the asset. These documents shall witness that the defendant or the surety is the legal owner of the asset. Also, the judge will wish to understand whether there are claims about the property as well as the appraisal value.

The amount paid is refundable. The point is ensuring to finish the court proceedings. Chances are you shall receive a lawful and just verdict hence the freedom that you seek for.

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