Monday, December 19, 2016

With Bail Bonds Grand Rapids Accused Can Go Home

By Virginia Morgan

It is a sad fact so many ordinary and otherwise perfectly upstanding citizens sometimes succumb to the temptation to save on taxes, to the chance of making a profit through insider trading, or to think that they are perfectly able to drive after drinking. Thousands of such ordinary citizens are caught out and arrested. When this happens, they will be charged and in most cases allowed to go home until the trial. With bail bonds Grand Rapids detainees can expect to be released very quickly.

Being arrested for a criminal offence can have far reaching consequences. Anyone in this situation should get help from a qualified criminal defence lawyer right away. It is the first and most important priority after the arrest. The attorney will investigate the circumstances under which his client were arrested. He will then immediately take steps to secure the release of the arrested person.

It is customary to allow arrested people to go free until their cases appear in court. Before they are released, however, the court must be satisfied that the accused will not tamper with evidence, try to flee from justice or interfere with the investigation in any way. If the court is satisfied, an amount set by the court must be paid as security before the accused is released. If the accused do not have the money he can approach a bondsman.

Bondsmen are in the business of providing instant loans to accused that cannot pay the security required by the court. The application is processed very quickly and if the loan is approved, the bondsman will pay it on behalf of the accused, who will then be free to go. In most instances the accused will not even see the inside of a cell.

Bondsmen charge hefty fees for their services, normally more than a tenth of the loan amount. Few clients complain about the charges because they desperately need the money if they want to be released. The client will have to put up his assets as security for the loan and he will have to enter into a written legal agreement with the bondsman.

People that were arrested and then told they can be released as soon as they pay the security amount do not always think logically. Many accused therefore sign contracts with bondsmen without even reading the terms and conditions. The best course of action is to leave the arrangement of such a loan in the hands of the attorney, who will have experience in such matters.

No accused should even think of breaking the conditions of bail. Not only will he face arrest again but he will lose the money he originally paid as security. He may even be charged with more criminal offences and he may be kept in prison until his trial date. The consequences of breaking the conditions of release should act as a serious deterrent against doing anything foolish.

Critics say accused should all be kept in jail until their trials. This is not possible. Firstly, it would be unconstitutional to keep someone in custody if he has not been found guilty of a crime yet. Secondly, the welfare of the family of the accused is also taken into consideration. If the accused is in custody, he cannot provide for his family.

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